A snapshot of the 2019 season of the York Lions

Source: Yorkulions.ca

The last college football season in Canada was back in 2019. However, that does not mean we can’t learn from the outcomes of the season and prepare for the next one once things go back to normal. As a York University student, I attempted to do a case study on trends in our conference’s performance and try to see what things could be done differently to improve on our team’s 1–7 record.

What Are the Top Teams Doing?

My journey through data science

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As I continue my journey through sports analytics, I decided to put some of the skills I’ve learned in the past year to the test. Using the MLS data available at American Soccer Analysis, I tried to use machine learning to predict what the optimal salary for an MLS player should be based on his Goals Added(+g) actions for the season. The model would aim to evaluate players solely on their actions on the field as well as helping teams and players make data-driven decisions when evaluating players in the MLS. …

Well, his stats are nothing short of amazing

Source: The Athletic

The start of the 2020 NFL season has like nothing we had ever seen or imagined before. Empty stadiums, thousands of dollars in penalties for coaches nor wearing masks, re-scheduled games, Tuesday Night football, and many new things that are yet to come have been the main talking points for every NFL fan. However, something just as important is happening in Bills Stadium and that is: They are finally found their franchise QB in Josh Allen.

Game 1 of the 2020 season? …

And predicted 12 out of 15 games

Source: UEFA official website

Every year, teams that are part of the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) partake in either one of the two most important tournaments in European football, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the UEFA Europa League (UEL).

The UEFA Champions League is contested by top-division European clubs that either won their respective domestic leagues or placed among the top teams in the league. …

And evaluating the current meta going into the 2020 season

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The MLS is Back Tournament was a one-off event during the 2020 MLS Season to mark the return to action after the league’s suspension due to COVID-19. The tournament brought 24 teams together in a bubble inside the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orland, Florida. Teams were put into 6 groups of 4 teams each, with the top 2 teams from each group and the four best 3rd places making it into a single-elimination bracket.

This report will take into account all 36 group stage games as well as the 15 bracket games, analyzing all of the shots…

Analyzing trends among top golfers and Colin Morikawa’s championship

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Historically, golf has been one of the hardest sports to predict due to the many variables that come into play. Basketball and baseball have prediction models, like the famous Pythagoras Theorem, that uses scoring ratios to predict a team’s score at the end of the season. However, golf is affected by external forces that those sports are not. Humidity, wind speed, visibility, course location, weather, tee-times, and many other variables come into play for every shot in every round during a golf tournament.

However, a couple of years ago ShotLink was given unprecedented access to PGA tournaments and they were…

Based solely on statistical analysis

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Full-backs play an important role in both attacking and defending in modern football. Liverpool’s right-back Trent-Alexander Arnold booked 4 goals and 13 assists this season. On the other side of the pitch, Liverpool’s left-back Andrew Robertson got 2 goals and 12 assists for himself. This means that Liverpool’s fullbacks were directly involved with 37% of all of the team’s goals this season.

However, England’s highest level football league is not the only place where fullbacks play a crucial role when it comes to defending and attacking. …

And how likely they are to make the jump to the Premier League

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This article is the final list of the best fullbacks in the English Championship based solely on statistical analysis. If you want to see how the stats were broken down and which metrics and benchmarks were used to judge each player, check the previous article here!

For context, individual statistics such as fouls, defensive duels, interceptions, tackles success rate, assists, crosses per 90 minutes, passes per 90 minutes, pass accuracy and many other metrics for over 68 players were used to make this list. The players were evaluated on their ability to win defensive duels, recovering ball possession, creating attacking…

And made $3,680 in the process

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Is there a way to predict the outcome of any soccer game with 100% accuracy? The honest and simplest answer is…. no. Regardless of what your fantasy football friends say, there is absolutely no way to be 100% certain, but there is a proven, mathematical formula that gets really, really close! And it’s all thanks to baseball.

In the early 2000s, Bill James derived a formula that could calculate the percentage of games a baseball team “should” win by the end of the season. It was coined as the Pythagorean Win Expectation and is still used by sports analysts around…

A letter to the girl who committed suicide the day we met

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I miss you. I may have not understood how or why we met, but I understood your pain. I am too well versed in the art of heartache.

Dear stranger, I understand why you did it. I may have not known your story, but I knew it was one worth listening. I may not have the same scars crawling on my skin, but I can feel their weight.

Dear stranger, I do not know you nor your story, but I know your pain. I may not know the sound of your voice, but I know the weight of the word…

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